Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Farm Friends

I decided that I should put up some pictures of the farm animals we have (or had). Some of them we do still have and I will specify as you look through the pictures. Enjoy!

A Rhode Island Red which we still haveA tired out meat chick the day we received them.
(We do not have these living anymore, only living in the freezer!)

Holding a meat chick
(this one had the same consequence as the above)

We also got this year some more laying hens called pullets.
(We still have these guys (well, girls))
The unfortunately thing is that we got them in some very warm weather and had to be creative on how to let air flow more freely into the hen house. Any new chickens have to be kept inside their new house for about a week before you let them roam free so that they know this is home. We put chicken wire over the door opening so that they couldn't get out.
This is a very adventurous meat chick that flew up onto the top of a piece of plywood before we could get the lower piece off. Because they were quite little when we moved them outside, they spent a good amount of time inside their little house before they were old enough and strong enough to venture outside.

They didn't know what to do!
Their first time out in the green grass!!
Next post I will show you the transformation these cute little guys go through! I know probably almost everyone is wondering how on earth we could eat such cute little things, but believe me, these cute little chicks grow so fast and get VERY ugly and VERY stinky VERY quickly!! I will also do some of the pigs. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our little farm animals!


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