Sunday, January 11, 2009

April Father and Daughter Retreat

We would like to start our blog off with the most exciting event of the year for a few of us. We then hope to alternate back and forth from current back to a re-cap until everyone is caught up!

Jeff, Beth, Lindsey, and Rebekah were blessed to be able to go on a Father and Daughter Retreat at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. What a time!! We started off our trip by renting a REALLY awesome car......

A Ford Edge!!!

We then got to start our 1,423.90 mile drive!!! We had a lot of fun. We were able to get caught up on crocheting, reading, and of course, sleep!

We were also able to enjoy the beautiful areas that we traveled through, and all that green grass. (Please try and remember that when we left Maine, we left 3 feet of snow!)

We enjoyed the hillsides and roaming cattle of Pennsylvania and Virginia the most!

A beautiful bush that was on the highway. I couldn't believe I got such a good picture!

This is the second hotel we stayed at, but was the first that we stayed at in Georgia.

Rebekah waits patiently Friday morning for us to start the last part of the trip, to Callaway Gardens the morning of the retreat. We had about 1 hour left, which was a piece of cake to us!!

We made it!! We were all so excited when we saw this....

After registering, we walked around in the beautiful garden paths and saw..

Azaleas EVERYWHERE!!!!

On Friday afternoon in the blazing heat we played unity games with our dads.

We played jump rope (Blind folded! We had to listen to our dad's voice on when to jump!), we also had to go through an obstacle course, again blindfolded. And,

we did a three legged race.

We played croquet as well.

After enjoying father and daughter time, we had the best picinic ever! ( Southern cookin' is REALLY good! )

Saturday we experienced a High Tea :-)

And got our portrait taken together..

Then we had free time to go explore around Callaway. One of the places we went was the Callaway Butterfly Center.

We saw an array of really beautiful butterflies.

On Sunday we listened to a morning message, said good-bye to the friends we met and made, then packed up and headed north! Our trip down there was absolutely amazing and we were able to listen to many encouraging messages by different speakers. We would definately recommend going!! We all learned SO much going down there, and it definately impacted us for the better.

We hope you enjoyed looking at some of the hundreds of pictures that we accumulated over this trip as we tried to highlight the most important parts of our trip. Until next time, The Reynolds

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  1. It looks like you all had a great time. I love all your pictures. :)