Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Noey and I made some blueberry buckle cake yesterday. I got some cute pictures, considering that she didn't want me to get her face ;) I didn't get the end result of the cake, but we had some extra help at the end....Hannah!
Noelle was ready to go with her pink apron! We started by greasing the pan....
Then we creamed the sugar and butter and added some eggs.
She did very well after the dry ingredients were added considering how thick the batter is.
I showed her how to fold the bluberries in, we only had a couple mashed blueberries ;)
And finally, we made the topping.
It came out VERY tasty, and it was enjoyed by all!

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  1. Hey Lindsey, Thanks for the updates! I can't wait to see your room. I hope you post those pictures soon. Mom said it came out great. I also love the woodpecker picture. Very cool.
    Love, Nay-Nay