Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baseball Game

After a very prolonged break, I am back! We have had some very busy days lately (not to mention we didn't have an internet connection for a couple of days) and I haven't had time to upload pictures. The other day I finally got to go to one of Isaiah's baseball games so here are a few pictures!
Isaiah started off the top of the 1st inning batting...

He watched this high one go by...
Then he started the bottom of the 1st pitching :)
This one wouldn't move :( It is the whole team stretching out and getting a pep talk before the game from the coach and assistant coach.
This cute little munchkin tagged along too!
And so didn't this one! Noelle told me later on that Porter (her doll) was being loud so she took him out to the field and quieted him and put him to sleep!!

I, okay we, are so excited because Beth is coming home tomorrow for a visit! I don't think that we have huge plans or anything, but it will be nice to see her. Hannah is already dreading Beth having to go back to "work" :( Oh, and we also will probably be getting our 9 piglets tomorrow!! The fence isn't even up yet... oooops. I guess we're a little behind. Chris and I were going to put it up tomorrow but he was called to go into work so I guess that means I'll be doing it. Our chicks are coming on the 14th, so we still have time to get ready for them but time does go by so fast!

Love and blessings, Lindsey

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  1. AWWWWW! That's so cute. It's amazing what little kids pick up!!!! LOL

    Much Love,