Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Piggies!!

Last Monday, we got our 9 pigs!! They are doing great and (so far) have stayed in their
fenced-in area!! When we first got them they were VERY timid, however we are making progress and they will know come over to us (especially if we have food or milk for them :). Here are a few pictures...
Here they are together (4 pink and 5 brown)
Noelle is enjoyed being able to be out with them on their first day!
Piglets are not very easy to take pictures of because they are ALWAYS moving around. But these guys at least stayed still for a few seconds so I could get this decent shot!

If anybody has ever wondered why we have the phrase "pig-pile", here is why....

Surprisingly, Hannah was able to pat the first couple that we brought down to the fence!

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