Sunday, April 5, 2009

World's Smallest Chicken Egg??

Well, when I went to do the chickens this evening, I nearly overlooked what was an egg. I stooped down, and, sure enough it was an egg. I really couldn't believe it! It is SO fragile and tiny, I cradled it all the way back to the house. Right now it is in a container in the refridgerator surrounded and padded by napkins. When Mom and Dad get home, we will crack it open to see if there is a yoke. I know that it is kind of wierd that I am actually blogging this, but with not much else going on, I thought it was pretty cool... maybe you will too??? Anyway, here are the pictures!

Here is the egg compared to a quarter.

Here is a regular size egg compared to the little egg, and the little egg is next to a ruler.

The egg next to a ruler. The measurement is 1"!

The little egg with a regular egg.

I hope you guys got a kick out of this ;-) ~Lindsey~

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  1. Wow, that really is a small egg! It's amazing you even saw it. I just got all caught up on your latest blogs. As usual I loved them. Noey's party was very cute and the cake came out great! It looks like you've been working very hard on the house-good job. You guys have had a crazy last month or so and it must be really strange missing family members so much! Good job! And once again, thanks for the entertaining information! -Auntie Renee