Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kite Flying

Hello! We have been very busy lately with cleaning up the yard and working on the house. It is very nice to finally have spring in Maine! For the past several days we have had very, very nice weather and have been working outside. Right now here are some pictures of Noelle and Mom flying a kite. Also there is a picture of the view from our back yard. Later I am going to post "The Art of Tree Climbing", featuring Noelle. And our very special post, "The Contrast of Boys and Girls". A story of how the Reynolds kids interact with their friends when they come to our house! For now though, enjoy these!!
Timmy also got bundled up to come out and play!
Mommy and Noelle flying a kite.

A far away shot of Mommy and Noelle in a tiny portion of our yard.

The backyard view.

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