Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Art of Tree Climbing

Hello. Here is the promised post of Noey tree climbing! She is TOO cute :-) She comes out with comments like, "I am 4 now and I didn't get tall or strong." She has proved that she has though because last fall she couldn't climb this apple tree herself. My favorite comment of hers was when Mom, Dad, and Tim were in Texas. We were sitting at the dinner table eating when, after being deep in thought, she said, "(Sigh).. I turned 4 and... I didn't get taller, I didn't get stronger, AND I didn't even get married!" Any way her are the pictures of her showing me how she can now climb the tree, oh yes, and of course bare-footed!
The start.
Then she slides her way up.

Almost there...


I even got her to pose for me! She is very hit-or-miss with getting pictures, so I was very glad she let me take some of her.

Just a cute one!

Running home victorious!



  1. Hey Lindsey,
    Great post!!!! You picked some awesome pics of Noey and she demonstrates tree climbing very well. I miss you guys so much and keep wondering about all the adventures I'm missing especially with the littler kids. My dress fit and now I'm getting ready to head for bed. I feel like the country mouse going to the city. I'm not cut out for these late nights :D Miss you guys!!!! I send my love to all!!!! Love, Beth

  2. Noey is so cute. love sarahandkiwi