Saturday, March 24, 2012

What we've been up to...

So lately my life has been very busy with school and competitions and just plain L.I.F.E! I gathered a few (terrible) photos that I have taken somewhat recently so that I can at least update my blog a little =)
My INCREDIBLY dorky outfit hanging the morning of my SkillsUSA competition!!

Also in the headlines... my brother and I were both chosen to be inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. So on Thursday evening we enjoyed a nice dinner and then the ceremony!!

This year there were 7 Homeschoolers chosen for the NTHS!!!! =) I also noticed later in the eveing that Chris and I matched our outfits without even planning on it! We seem to have a knack for that in our family. (I am second to the left in the back and Chris is 5 in on the right in the back.)
Yesterday we celebrated Noelle's 7th birthday! We had a nice, fairly quite day but it was much needed amongst our busy schedules. Hopefully I can get the few photos up that I took soon!!


  1. GOOD JOB LINDS!!!!!!! :))))) You gonna make us shirts for the farm now haha :) <3

  2. Hey Lindsey, My dad got my computer up and running :) yay!
    Congradulations X-1,000!
    Much love,

    1. Oh yeah Sarah i can play this game.... GOOD JOB LINDSEY X 800000000000000000 BEAT THAT SUCKERRRRR.....

  3. Hey Lindsey, congrats on the NTHS! I just found a letter from you from years ago, hope all is well I miss you!! I emailed you on an email address I found.. Mine is if you wanna talk.
    Megan Ritchie