Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is for Jeanie =D

Obviously I have been extremely lazy with my postings so here is a large picture post to fill you all in of what has been occupying our time!
 Katie =)
 More baseball
 Finishing school projects...
 Graduating with A for the year, perfect attendance, and National Technical Honor Society!
 Memorial Day Parades...
 Chris catching a laugh before parade with a fellow student.
 Honoring our heroes
 Firing a salute
 Taking pretty butterfly pictures =O
 Being a dork with my friend!!
 Being thankful for the little things and ones...
 Taking apple blossom pictures...

 Pictures of me for school projects
 Orange bowknots to die for!! Yummy!!
 I got to photograph a wedding!!

 Two little lambs were born here at the beginning of April.
 Hannah and Momma making birds nests for Easter =)
 Katie being, Katie!!
 My other lamb Piper!!
Oh yeah, and me being a dork again =P
 And BTW, I am not that much shorter we were on a hill =)


  1. Yeah. Nice photos. But when you said that she needed to pust new photos....well....she did! hahaha. hope it made you happy!!! =D <3 BTW Lindsey, LOVE THE WEDDING PHOTOS!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures Lindsey!