Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a....

GIRL!!!!!! After much wondering and anticipation we found out that our new sibling is a girl! It is kind of ironic that our dog had 7 girls and 3 boys which will soon be our count. It is a little wierd, but we will try not to think about that ;) Here is the sweetest picture of the baby...


  1. Oh, she is so precious!!!!!! I look forward to meeting her. I find it so amazing how well the ultra sound pictures depict her little features. What a darling!!!! Love her so much already!!! (Love all of you too), Beth

  2. Aww!!!Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!Another little blessing from God:-)She is sooooooooooo SWEET!

    In Christ,

  3. Oh my goodness... SHE IS ADORABLE! Have fun,

  4. ADORABLEEEE JO and i both agreed that she is Teebowing haha well i cant wait to see herrrrr, :))

  5. Ohh!Congratulation!!How sweet.
    We look forward to meeting her!:)