Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To my dear remaining readers... I am still here and I have a real excuse to not be on the computer these days and that is because we didn't have a computer since my last post due to a nasty virus that wiped our computer out. Just within the past week have we gotten it fixed and entered the online world again. So what have I been up to?? Winning some medals, preparing for state-level competition in t-shirt design for school, and being blessed to find out I will be a big sister again!! Our new little one is due in June which seems fits in perfect and means we will have new life all over the farm!!
I have also been dreaming about when I can drive this car my grandfather keeps telling me about and it isn't even out yet!! I WILL be test driving it when it comes out!!
(photo courtesy google images)
Here is my t-shirt design that I will be making some adjustments to (the "E" especially) and then competing at state level!!

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  1. GOOO LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!!! did my dad talk to you about making t-shirts for the farm for us???????????? Good Luck... I will probably see you soon.. :)
    -Cassidy Erin