Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Noelle!

On Tuesday the 24th, we celebrated Noelle's 4th birthday. She had a Dora Tea Party birthday. She decided a while ago that she wanted a Dora party, however over time she decided she wanted a tea party too. Mom already got party supplies for Dora, so we combined the two. We had lots of fun decorating, making the cake, and watching the kids play games. She had lots of fun with every aspect. Noey adored the cake and presents and looked like a little princess dressed in a really cute dress and wearing a crown. It is hard to beleive she is already 4! Well, I thought I would share some pictures. Enjoy!

The spring crocuses always bloom for Noelle's birthday!

Party Prep

Making a pinata.

Painting it.

Filling it with goodies!

Hannah tried her very hardest to help blow up some balloons!

Noelle decided that she should sample the extra cake while we were carving and frosting the cake. I think she went a little too far.. She ate the whole chunk! Not only that, she wouldn't share!

A better view of how big the piece was.

Decorating with crepe paper to make it seem like a canopy over the table.

Mom was very proud of the fancy food names she came up with for our lunch! HEHEHE!

They were Turkey Tulips, Bologna Butterflies, Hopping Ham, Peanutbear and Jelly, and not pictured, Flowering Fluff (with peanutbutter).

Party Time!!!!

We ate a really tasty lunch with Noelle at the head of the table. She really liked being the center of attention that day! Here she is enjoying a Peanutbear and Jelly.

Finally it was cake time!

She was very pleased the way it turned out ;-)

After presents, we let the kids play games. Noelle got the first wack at the pinata. That pinata was only 1 layer of paper mache, and it lasted many rounds of hits!

They also played Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Thanks for taking a look at the pictures! Oh, I forgot. Timmy approved of the party!

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