Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denmark Project

Hello again to all. I am very sorry for the delay about posting. We had a family emergency at the beginning of the month. Then, right after my last post we found out our computer got viruses. On March 6th we got a call saying that our great grandmother was not doing well. So on the 7th we all headed down to see her. Dad, myself, Beth, and Chris saw her that night. On the 8th, exactly 2 years after my other great grandmother passed away, she also passed away, in her home, her husband, all 4 of her daughters, and my parents and Tim were there. It was very wierd that 2 times we had our great grandmothers pass away on the same day. My parents also celebrated their anniversary riding in the car and visiting great grandmothers 2 times. Elizabeth also celebrated her 21 birthday on the day of the wake. The worst part was that my great grandfather's 89th birthday was the day of funeral and she was a few weeks away, on the 24th, also Noelle's birthday, from their 65th anniversary.
Anyway, we are back and we had our computer illnesses fixed. Right now I am posting a homeschool project we are working on mostly to update mom and the kids (Dad, Chris, and I are in Maine) in MA on what we are doing. I will hopefully have time in the really near future to do Noelle's birthday party. Enjoy looking at the picture. I will keep you guys updated!
Love, Lindsey
PS I really miss you guys already and it's too quiet here!!!!!
Look at the HUGE mess!

Spread out all over our table!

The info we have compiled and completed.

The main part of the display board.

Do you like it Isaiah????

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  1. Hay Lindsey,
    Hows it going? You did a great job with the poster bord. I love it!!! Hope you had fun and will have fun on International night on Friday. Isaiah likes the section you did for him. All my love ~Rebekah