Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sewing Projects

I have decided to make a late New Year Resolution: DON'T TELL ANYONE WHAT YOUR GOING TO POST NEXT BECAUSE YOU NEVER DO IT!
Rebekah, at age 10, completed her first sewing machine sewing project today! She was so excited about it, I told her I would post it on the blog. She isn't exactly sure what you call it, however she does know you can use it one a dresser or table as a centerpiece. She thinks she is going to use it on her dresser and then will probably be able to put her jewelry boxes on it. Rebekah did a lot of it herself, however she did have help from our awesome neighbor Debbie. So here are the pictures of her project.
She used really pretty fabric that she received for Christmas.
(The first side.)

Oh, and did I mention that it's reversible?!

The fabric she used on the reverse side was a delicate light green print and a pale yellow

Close up of the first side. (I personally love the red material!)
Rebekah proudly holds up her creation!

Until next time, The Reynolds


  1. Great job Rebecca! I like that Lindsey showed each side. Oh, you can call it a dresser skirt. I bought a new sewing book. It has lots of modern information and projects! Hope we can all spend some time with it soon. I hope all are feeling fit as a fiddle!

  2. beautiful work rebekah love sarah h.