Friday, February 20, 2009

A Job Well Done

This post is of a home that my dad completed this year. It is really quite amazing to see the house-building process from start to finish. When we first saw the beginning stages, we saw a massive hill covered with trees. It is hard to imagine how things will turn out, but in this case they turned out very nicely! Probably the most rewarding part to the home for me, is that Elizabeth and I played a key part in the overall design and layout of the house. I hope you enjoy the tour!

The outside has log siding and many windows and french doors that go onto a deck to be able to display the amazing views.

The lowly start to a beautiful house.

My favorite part... the kitchen. (On a side note, on the left side of the fridge, you can see there is an opening, go through there and it will lead you to the 2 downstairs bedrooms and the bathroom. Also, coming up the cellar stairs brings you up to the side view of the kitchen where you see the fridge. So in essence, after you come up the cellar stairs go to the left and you are where the beds/bath are, go straight and you are standing in the kitchen.)

The dining area which is only seperated from the kitchen by the bar and stools.

An overhead look of the living room area. (To the left is the dining room and kitchen)

The beautiful staircase leading to the master suite.

After opening the french doors, you go into the master bedroom.

The closet in the master bedroom.

The sink area in the master half bath.

The rest of the half bath.

This is the first bedroom located downstairs. The main bath room.

The second bedroom downstairs.

The deck.
The amazing view!!

I hope everyone was able to get a good look at what dad does and what amazing creations he gets to build. This house turned out beautiful and this is only one of them. Though building a house from start to finish can entail many headaches, problems, and challenges, the result is truly beautiful. I hope you all enjoyed. Until next time, Lindsey

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