Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hannah and the Money

Hello to all our readers! Today was a very interesting day for our family. While Mom, Bekah, and I were doing a morning devotional, Hannah managed to break through our blockade of gates and get upstairs. We knew that we had to get her, however we had many interruptions already and really just wanted to finish our little study. Very shortly after, we heard Hannah's little voice calling for someone to come upstairs. I found her sitting on Beth's bed. She then told me that she was eating something, and after I got out a small plastic piece from her mouth, she told me that she ate money. Now Hannah does very, very well communicating to us though sometimes certain things get one name and I was unsure if she was serious about it being real money. I asked her where the money was and this was her answer, "I put it in my mouth and it went down, down to my belly and now you can't get it." I was very stunned with her answer. I told Mom and we then questioned her some more; her answer and little hand motions were the same every time. Mom called the doctor and they had her go in for an X-Ray. Sure enough there was a coin down there! We are very thankful that nothing serious happened to our little Hannah-Banana, although it is hard not to chuckle thinking of what happened, however we do not wish for it to happen again. The pictures are of Hannah after getting home from the hospital with her tiny teddy bear she got from the nurses who told her she did a great job during her X-Ray, and also told Hannah that she should name the bear Penny!!!!

This was Hannah this morning geared up to go outside with her 3-D glasses on :-)
We are praising the Lord for HIS hand of grace in this whole situation. Love from all,


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