Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Post of Closure

Though it is very uncharacteristic of me to do just thought posts on this blog, I have been thinking alot about some things lately and decided that I needed to write this post. So this post is more for me than anything and my prayer is that it may help someone else along the way...

Dear Olivia,

Has it really been a month since you went to be with Jesus? It seems like just last week we heard and rejoiced with your family when they found out they were expecting you. And wasn't it just yesterday at the rest stop that Cloe and Audrey ran over to me with proud smiles across their faces saying, "It's a girl!! It's a girl!! Her name is Olivia Hope!!" But then I am brought back to reality that it wasn't just last week or yesterday and that now you are smiling down on us and dancing on streets of gold. Even though I never met you, you had already stolen my heart and I couldn't wait to see your face and your beautiful curly hair. I wondered what you would look like, what personality you would have, and what your favorite things to do would be. I could already see you playing on Sunday afternoons with all the kids. You were the 3rd baby to be born in a one year span at our little church.

And even though you never met you mom and dad, I can't even begin to tell you how much they love you. Every time when I was at your house I heard them pray for you and your little soul. And your big sisters adored you already and talked all the time about you! You would not of had to worry about being protected because you would have had the best big brothers! They also couldn't wait for your arrival and Joel couldn't wait to be a big brother for the first time! Even though you never experienced any human experiences, you were spared the trials of this life and went on before us to be with our Savior. Olivia, you will always be loved, treasured, and remembered and I know you will be the first to welcome your family into heaven after the Lord welcomes them saying, "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into your rest.". Even though we miss you terribly, I know that God had greater plans for your little life. I love you Olivia!

Love with all my heart, Lindsey

Hand Prints on My Heart

Although you are not here with me, Your handprint is on my heart.

You were a precious gift to me us, I loved you from the start.

You left this earth too early, And Landed on heaven's shore.

I snuggle in the memory of you. Oh how I love you even more.

You are never far away from us, For your memory's a steady stream.

I will never say good bye to you, So I'm wishing you sweet dreams.

Someday we'll be together again, But until that one fine day,

You are the hand print on my heart, Where forever you shall stay.


  1. This is precious. A sweet love letter.
    My prayers will be with Olivia's family!

    ~ Jean Marie

  2. I will still be praying....

  3. That was beautifully written Lindsey....
    I cryed reading it.Were praying for them.
    Sabrina H