Wednesday, October 26, 2011

180 Project

Yesterday my dad, myself, Chris, Rebekah, Isaiah and Noelle had an incredible life changing experience handing out the new movie done by Living Water Publications (Ray Comfort) called 180. If you haven't heard about (or seen) this movie you MUST!! It is on Youtube and its only about 33 minutes long so get to watching it and share it with ALL your family, friends, and whoever else! The movie compares the World War II holocaust of Adolf Hitler to America's modern day holocaust of abortion. More than a life changing day for us, our prayer is that it was life changing for the college students AND faculty of University of Southern Maine as we spent several hours handed out FREE DVD's. This date had been kept quiet until well, yesterday, and all across the country God-fearing, children-loving Christians stormed the gates of indoctrination (AKA college campuses) to pass out the DVD's. Here are the pictures from yesterday...

Rebekah hands out a DVD to a student...

Here is the chaplain talking with my dad telling us we needed a table and a permit

*clears throat* a C-H-A-P-L-A-I-N!! Yes, we ended up having to leave the school, but we had passed out all but 31 of the DVD's that we had for that campus by the time we were asked to leave! Praise God!!

Mr Hubbard talking with a student.

Some of the team gathered seeing how everyone is doing with handing DVD's out...

My friend Elizabeth passes out a couple of DVD's to these students...

Mr. Hubbard had a couple of very interesting conversations and this one was very interesting but Mr Hubbard did a great job defending the TRUE faith.

Elizabeth took a picture of me while I took a picture of her!

Some of the team gathered near the end of the day...




  2. What a blessing you all are! Know that we certainly could not have done this without you! Love you bunches!