Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Learning More Farming Skills

Okay, so maybe I'm a little bad at posting :) Things have been so busy around here that time just flies by and it seems as though I have no time to blog. But, here are some pictures of something that Chris has been learning with dad...
Getting to use a chainsaw for the first time!!
Learning different ways to cut logs.
A view from behind some trees.
Everything went very well, no accidents or anything... but let me tell you, the chips were flying!!



  1. Looks like fun hahaha I'd feel so dangerous with a chansaw hahaha

    Much Love,

  2. GO CHRIS!!!!!! You don't look very much like my little brother anymore when you're using a chainsaw. I'm glad that you are learning how with dad's help; it must have helped dad's back a lot. I'm so glad that your first session with a chain saw went well and I hope that it will continue that way. Awesome job!!! Some really great pictures Lindsey!! Love you all! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon and our new little addition (hopefully real soon :D ) Love, Beth

  3. Thank Rose! Yah, I think I'd feel like I had some awesome power in my hands, too!! Chris did a good job though, and I think he really enjoyed it. Well, to be honest, I'd think I'd be really nervous with a chainsaw in my possession.HAHA Blessings, Lindsey