Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autum is in the Air

Oh, it's nice to be back in the "blogosphere"! We continue to be busy and quite frankly, I seem to be very tired in the evening after chores are done and the kids are in bed. But, I didn't want to wait any longer to post! Here are some pictures I have taken recently...

We are enjoying our new view of this mountain with the foliage that is starting!
Some Blue Hubbard squash that is patiently waiting for a frost so that we can pick them.

Part of our carrot bed that is also waiting for a frost!
So...this is a random picture! I found this tire in the cleared land and decided it was a interesting shot :) Does anyone need a tire while we are on the subject?? HAHA, it would probably fall apart if we picked it up!
Katherine in mid-grin!!
Timmy smiling! (Sorry about the red eye, I kinda forgot about it until I loaded it and I am too tired to worry about fixing it!)
Hannah napping with Katie...
Okay, so here is a warning, there will be pictures of me just below, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! Okay, seriously though, I have had MANY people ask me to put pictures of me on my own blog. If anyone knows me personaly, they will admit that I HATE pictures taken of me (for good reason I must say). That is why I am the photographer, but anyway... I decided that I would take a couple and post them so people will stop bothering me!! Oh, and if anyone is wondering... in honor of the up-coming hunting season Noelle gave me an orange hat to wear and I just decided to leave it on!
Surveying the land for the *perfect* hunting spot.
And, uh, this is pretty self explanatory... Me on a stump!

So if you made it this far, you survived! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall. Fall will officially be underway in 6 minutes from this post at 11:09pm! Happy Fall 2010!!!!


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