Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Very Late Merry Christmas

Well, as usual, it always takes me longer then expected to get pictures up. I picked out a few of Christmas day to share with everyone.

As you can see Hannah is a little excited about finding Play-Dough in her stocking!

Timmy going through his stocking with Noelle.

After doing stockings, eating, and doing barn chores, we started opening gifts. The first one to be opened was the combo gift for Noelle and Hannah.... a cute little Holland Lop bunny!! Hannah and Noelle opened a box that had a fake stuffed bunny and a map. They had to follow the map to find where their real gift was. Once they found it and saw him they were so excited! They had wanted one for so long. Anyway, this is Noelle with the bunny. Hannah and Noelle agreed upon the name "Benjamin Bunny".

Unlike many parents, our parents put numbers on our present(s) so we don't know which presents(s) are ours. They have a master list and then when it is your turn they give you a number to find, so that is what Chris is doing.

Isaiah reads us the description on the back of the book he got entitled Bud and Me.

This year for Rebekah, mom put together a rather lengthy scavanger hunt to find her present. This is what she thought of it...

She quickly changed her mind though when she finally reached it!

Here is Timmy all decked out in some of his new PJ's.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Reynolds family!!!

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