Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick Update

Well, nothing very exciting is going on here! The kids have been out in the yard skiing, but I still haven't gotten pictures :( So, I just thought I would show you some cute pictures of the kids doing their part with the animals!
We get quite a bit of milk for our pigs from the local stores and so we accumulate ALOT of milk jugs, not to mention all of the half and half cartons and stuff. So Mom has Isaiah, Noelle, Hannah, and even Timmy help crush them all and bag them. They don't really see this as a chore, so it is more of fun time for them than anything. They LOVE launching the caps all around the living room so Timmy can go pick them up and put them in the crates! We (older kids) rinse them out and then give them to the little kids to finish them off. You should here ALL the giggling that goes on!!
Here is Noelle launching a cap, it is the yellow thing right between Hannah and Noey!
Clean up time!
Noelle and Hannah work together while Isaiah and Tim work together!

Saturday we have a busy day with basketball games, a birthday party to go to, and getting the house ready for church. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of Isaiah's game up. I have only been to one of his games due to other things going on or because I have to coach the girls. The one game I did go to I wasn't expecting to stay so I didn't have my camera. I can say though that this team of boys is VERY good this year. They are all working together great and really trying to work hard to get even better. They have yet to loose a game this year so that is a really great record if you ask me!! Right now Noelle is down and out with something like a stomach bug. We are praying that it won't get passed around and that it isn't anything major, like... dare I say the flu?? We have been pretty healthy so far and are also hoping to be able to go to Massachusetts next weekend to see our 2 new cousins and also have a small family Christmas. Right now would be a really bad time to get sick!! Well, we will continue to try to stay healthy and warm!!
Love from us all!!

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