Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anything That Floats Race

This year for our town's Summer Festival, Beth and I put together a boat for our two cousins and Rebekah. It is a silly competition that involves creating and making your boat out of random materials. We used giant tubs and five gallon buckets and used soda bottles and milk jugs to fill in the holes and made a frame, well cage for them. The kids had lots of fun theming it, painting it, and then competing in it! I have a few pictures I will post now. I have a lot more I would like to blog, but am too tired to do now.... like Isaiah making the All-Star team and coming in to score in the last inning to give us a chance at winning.... which we did!! His teamate hit the hit that would drive in the winning 2 runs!! It was a nail biter the whole game, but lots of fun to watch. He didn't get to pitch, but he had fun and did great where he did get to play. Okay, now I just ruined my whole next post by telling you the WHOLE story. Oh well, it will be easier next time! Okay enough, here are the pictures!

Their craft had to sport a name and they came up with this..

U.S.S. Star Wars Super Ship

Painting the assembled boat.

My cousin Kayla had just arrived about 10 minutes, from R.I., before the race!
They did very well considering they hadn't rowed together at all!

The boat at the finish line, complete with R-2 D-2.

Holding their 3rd place ribbons.

They all dresses up as somone from Star Wars. Connor had a Darth Vador mask, but it limited his vision so he went without. Rebekah even let me do her make-up and hair as Padme Amidala.


They all had a lot of fun! I still have more stuff to post so hopefully I will find some time. The past week we enjoyed the company of my aunt, grammy, and 3 cousins. Connor stayed a few extra days by himself, and then we swapped him for 2 other cousins that will be with us until Friday. We have been keeping very busy and having a good time together! Be back soon... I hope??!! ;-


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