Tuesday, September 6, 2011

He WILL Carry Me

I call, you hear me

I've lost it all

And it's more than I can bear

I feel so empty

You are so strong

I'm weary

I'm holdin' on

But I feel like your givin' in

But your still with me


And even though I'm walkin' through

The valley of the shadow

I will hold tight to the hand of Him

Whose love will comfort me

And when all hope is gone

And I've been wounded in the battle

He is ALL the stregnth that I will ever need

He WILL carry me

I know I'm broken

But you alone

Can mend this heart of mine

You're always with me


And even though I feel so lonely

Like I've never been before

You never said it would be easy

But you said you would see me through

The storm


Mark Schultz "He Will Carry You"


  1. This song just made my day,
    I am prayign for the Millers. I knew a friend who lost her baby jsut a few months before it was born. She was born still born. God is good and gave her a baby boy about a year later.

  2. Thank you for your prayers and comment. It has been very hard, but God IS good and even though his plans wouldn't always be ours, he always uses them for our good! Love, Lindsey