Friday, July 29, 2011


So maybe my talents don't include keeping my blog updated regularly, but oh well! I finally was able to finish this post for Isaiah's championship game that was, well, we don't need to say when! ;) The game was the longest (almost 4 full hours!), most intense Jr Little League game ever on record (I think), but it all paid off! Plus, my grandparents surprised us with a visit arriving with enough time to eat lunch before the game started! Isaiah played AMAZINGLY well, and although I am obviously biased, I don't think anyone could argue that *fact*!!

Isaiah gets his gear ready to take the field...

In the dugout listening to the batting order.

A great slide in to home for another run closer to winning!

Isaiah on the mound

All smiles after winning as the boys make it back into the dugout =)

Shaking hands

Part of Isaiah's fan club clapping as the boys receive their trophies. (Isn't Katie way too cute)

Getting hugs... :)

And hand shakes from Grandpa!

At home with his trophy!!



  1. I think you should do a team pic. just sayin...!!

  2. I'm sure you are "just sayin"... HAHA!! Maybe I will :) Lindsey

  3. Yes maám i am HAHA okay!!!!!