Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

As we all know, I am way behind on posting, but, I still want to get the pictures from our holiday season up! Here are some pictures of when we went Christmas tree hunting!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a person who likes their picture taken, but, the background in this one is pretty.... Just kidding, everybody knows it is Timmy that makes this picture tolerable! ;)
Loaded in a spare cart and ready for hunting!
Of course in a giant field of Christmas trees sitting in a cart DOESN'T last long!
Eventually, they get out and make.... snow angels!!
Racing to check out a tree!
Beth and "sleeping" Hannah ;)
Walking in the fields with Hannah and Noelle
All smiles on our hunt!!
And then, THE ONE!!
Ummmm.... is it gonna fit on the cart??
Making our tree a little more manageable!
Space-saving tree
Just kidding ;) Our tree is a little over 9 feet this year!
And of course you just have to smell that piney scent!
Merry Christmas, Lindsey


  1. I recongize that place i think it is where my mom worked????? well anyways i like ur tree. please ask bekah to call me and ask her to put pictures of stuff on her blog pleeaassseeeeeeee!

    -Cass <3

  2. lindsey, these pictures are precious! so cute!