Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baxter State Park

Hello! I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post. To me the days seem to blend in together like a blur recently. Getting up doing the animals getting back to the house to eat and help other kids, get them ready get yourself ready, do a devotional together, doing school, chores and occasional field trips and outside recreation. I guess I cannot blame that entirely seeing as I could have made time instead of reading. I, sorry mom, would do some blogging instead of school reading, but when you are in the middle of a great series and you don't seem to have much time for it, sometimes at night is the only time for reading. But anyway, here are some pictures of our recent trip to Baxter State Park.
Scenic view up a little river.
Hannah and Noelle :D
A funky shaped tree, well what is left, with Katahdin in the background.
Some lovely watern falls.

Upon arriving, we were able to go observe a moose who was grazing in a little pond.
This is Beth and Timmy looking on at the moose.

Small panoramic from an outlook point.

Hannah poses for me at our lunch area.

A vibrantly colored leaf on the trail.
Bekah smiles after enjoying lunch on a rock next a stream.
And lastly... a family photo!! I set the timer on my camera and I had 10 seconds to make sure I didn't mess up the camera and then run between these rocks down a little trail and onto the bridge. Although my hair is VERY messed up from running, it only took a few tries to get it. It didn't come out too shabby either!


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